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Pre Purchase Building Inspection

When you’re buying a new property you need the assurance of knowing exactly what you’re getting. With any building, there are hidden areas that can harbour construction problems, pest infestation or the presence of asbestos. Whether you’re purchasing an older building, applying for finance or assessing the needs of ongoing ownership repair and rectification, Rodney can give you all the details you’ll need. It’s important to know as much about as you can about any premises before you purchase, so you’re aware of any building issues or added costs that may need to be dealt with. We can help you make your decision by providing you with detailed information about the design and construction of any building.

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Pest & Asbestos Audits

If you’re considering refinancing, your lender will base their decision on a thorough report of the building’s age and construction status as well as any problem areas that may need correcting. We provide a thorough inspection and report on everything we find, so you’re fully informed about all aspects of construction and have detailed information about all work that has been performed in the past. Rodney can advise you on any pest problems that may be hidden under floors, inside walls or ceilings and give you practical advice on how to deal with the issue. If there is asbestos installed in any building, Rodney can determine its age and stability and direct you towards the right people to have it safely removed.

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Property Reports

For investment properties, Rodney can provide depreciation schedules for tax purposes or advise on the state of repair of the whole property, its internal fixtures and fittings and general wear and tear status. We’ve been providing our clients with professional building inspection reports in Queensland for over 18 years and with over 30 years of experience in the trade, we’ve seen it all. Our reports comply with all the requirements of any financial institution, local councils and even heritage authorities.

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Experienced Building Inspector

Because we’re experts at what we do, with no affiliations with any associated businesses, you can be assured that our reports are as detailed and independent as possible. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive expert reports on any building, regardless of age, style, and design or construction material. Our business is based on customer service, providing expert professional reports that are easy to understand and giving our client’s the information they need for any purpose. So, when you need a building report with attention to every detail, call our experts.

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