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Story 1

I was called in to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection on a high set timber framed Queenslander in Maryborough only to find some burnt out rafters in the roof space just above the ceiling access opening (the man hole) in the kitchen . The owner was amazed as he only purchased the house 12 months earlier and there was no mention of this damage in the pre-purchase building report he received from another inspector when he purchased the house, subsequently the new buyer did not go ahead with the purchase.

The owner contacted the inspector who prepared the report for him and questioned him about the burnt out the damage and the inspector confessed he did not look into the ceiling space and did not inspect any of the roof framing or anything else in the roof space because of the height of the ceilings and difficulty to access the ceiling access opening. The inspector, to get himself out of trouble volunteered to repair the damage so next time he had a buyer the sale would go ahead, the owner agreed on the condition that I could re-inspect the work when completed, the inspector agreed.

My re-inspection after the repair had been completed found the damaged rafters had not been replaced but instead had a small cleat (piece of timber) nailed to their side in an attempt to stiffen the burn out timber. I reported to the owner that the repair was not carried out in a professional manner and was inadequate and future pre-purchase inspection could also fail. The original inspector through the owner then asked my how to repair the damage, keep in mind this inspector has the same qualifications and license as myself.

I instructed the original inspector that new rafters will need to be installed along the full length of the damaged rafters bearing on the top plat of the wall up to the ridge line, as per normal construction methods, this he did satisfying building elements basic requirements.

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Story 2

I was asked by the owner of a low set timber framed house with timber floors in Maryborough to inspect the house for defects. While living in north Queensland he recently purchase the house in Maryborough, unfortunately when he moved into the house some of his furniture broke through the timber flooring.

He explained he did not get a pre-purchase pest inspection because the real estate agent assured him that a pest inspection had recently been carried out on the house and everything was fine, he did however engage a pre-purchase building inspection to give him a structural report.

Unfortunately it appears the building inspector did not get under the house and inspect the flooring because if he did he would have seen extensive borer damage throughout approximately 80% of the pine tongue and grooved flooring. He would have also noticed that several timber stumps had sunk and needed to be replaced and there were temporary timber props under the floor supporting the house.

The inspector also fail to disclose to the buyer that the roof had been cut off and re-nailed back together to allow for the house to be relocated to its current location and that there was damaged and hazardous asbestos in the house.

The new owner has spent approximately $30,000.00 rectifying this house with more work still to be done, also his relationship with his partner has broken down and she is no longer living with him because of the extensive renovation being carried out on the house.

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Story 3

I conducted pre-purchase building inspection on an 6 year old home in Point Vernon and found that the fibre glass ceiling insulation that had been installed prior to the current owner purchasing the home was completely covering 6 down lights, 4 in the lounge room and 2 in the front entry. When I pointed this fire safety hazard out to the owner at that time, he found and re-read the pre-purchase building inspection report that he paid to have done when he purchased the home. Much to his surprise there was no mention of any ceiling insulation and no mention of the fire safety hazard, therefore we must assume that the building inspector failed to inspect the inner roof space and fail in his duty of care to notify the home buyer of the fire safety hazard. If the down light where in a room ie a kitchen where they were turned on for long periods of time this house could have burnt down and the occupiers may have been killed.

Ceiling insulation touching or covering down lights has been in the past identified and the reason for several house fires, prompting the state government to license ceiling installation installers.

In this case the ceiling insulation was not installed in a manner that complies with the Australian standards for installation of ceiling insulation and must have been installed by an unlicensed person.

If there is any type of ceiling insulation in a house that I am inspecting I turn on all down lights in the house and then proceed to inspect the inner roof space, that way I can easily identify all down lights and confirm that the ceiling insulation complies with the Australian standards.

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Story 4

I inspected a 4 year old home in Toogoom and found ceiling insulation over the laundry area only, the area immediately around the inner ceiling space access opening (the man hole). The owner at that time who had only owned the house for approximately 3 years was told by the pre-purchase building inspector at the time he purchased the house that there was ceiling insulation throughout the home.

Obviously the inspector did not get up into the inner ceiling space and did not carry out any type of structural inspection on the roof frame or ceiling frame and gave the buyer misleading and incorrect information about the house they were purchasing.

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Story 5

I was asked to re-inspect a high set old Queenslander in Maryborough, a home that approximately 90 days earlier had a combined pre-purchase building and pest inspection done for the purchaser.

A combined pre-purchase building and pest inspection is carried out by one person, usually a building inspector that has undertaken some training and has completed a TAFE course that qualifies him to complete pre-purchase pest inspection.

In this instance the husband got up and went to the toilet during the night and put his foot through the flooring in the toilet, it appears the inspector fail to properly inspect the sub floor area during the inspection or just didn’t know what he was looking for, a problem that often occurs when we have inspectors that have only completed a training course at TAFE to get a license with little on-site training or hands on experience.

This resulted in the new owners spending a considerable le amount of money rectifying a damage floor that should have been detected during the building and pest inspection prior to them purchasing the house.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when buying a house, have the house inspected by local experienced professional tradespeople who know their trade and know what to look for when conducting a pre-purchase building inspection, inspectors who are no scared to get in and get duty inspecting the house.

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Testimonial 1

I engaged Rodney Gatt for a building inspection on a property in Hervey Bay and found him to be very thorough and professional with his inspections.

He has helped to guide me in the right direction as to purchasing my future property. I would recommend him to any person's interested in purchasing a property.

Jeff and Ann Taylor.

Sunshine coast.

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Testimonial 2

Hi Rodney,

I would just like to say thank you for your excellent building report. It helped me decide not to continue with the purchase of the property.

I also showed your report to two building certifiers in NSW, who said that it was the most comprehensive building report that they had read.

I have every confidence in your inspection process and will happily use you again if needed.



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The message is – be careful when engaging a pre-purchase building inspector, ask questions i.e.

  • Are you a qualified Builder?
  • Do you have liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  • Do you get into the ceiling space?
  • Do you check to see if the ceiling insulation complies with the Australian standards and is not touching down lights?
  • Do you check the showers for water leaks?
  • Do you get onto the house and inspect the roof?
  • Do you get under the house if it is a timber floor?
  • Do you inspect around the base of timber stumps?
  • Do you report on gardens and trees close to the house?
  • Do you report on the presents of Asbestos in the house?


Check the inspector license number on

See if there has been any action taken against the inspector before you engage him to work for you.